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How To Use The Toolkit

Check out the tutorial video above. Then follow these easy steps to make a big difference in the life of your parish.
  1. Read through the entire list of indicators (or spend some time in front of the poster). Then pick three to four items per category per year. Discuss only the pages for those items.
  2. Then, for each indicator, think about how your faith community may already be meeting this benchmark. Please note: it would be easy to simply go through the entire list and indicate that you are presently doing this or that and therefore, are effective. (If that is the case, congratulations, your parish should be thriving, financially sound, and overflowing on Sundays.) In any case, it will be helpful to look for ways to improve upon what you may consider great ministry  (e.g., better communication, more outreach to families, a broader perspective with regard to the age of those you seek to serve, etc.)
  3. For those items you choose for the current year, list some ways to accomplishing this indicator. Think “big picture.” Think outside the box. Involve young people in your conversation. Keep your goals measurable and realistic. The suggestions we listed are only suggestions. Feel free to come up with your own ideas.
  4. Plan a strategy for how you will accomplish your goals. Assign tasks. Set up a date and time to get together to evaluate your progress. Ongoing evaluation is key.
  5. Meet at least once per year with your parish leaders to review your progress and to repeat the steps above for the following year.