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Engagement #9

We give young people skills and opportunities to pray together


If parishes are to be worthy of the loyalty and active participation of youth, they will need to become "youth-friendly" communities in which youth have a conspicuous presence in parish life. Parish communities that value young people welcome them into their midst, listen to them, respond to their needs, and support them with prayer, time, facilities, and money. More importantly, these parish communities prepare young people to be adult Catholics by providing skills and opportunities necessary to grow in their faith, by giving them meaningful roles in leadership and ministry, and encouraging their contributions. (Renewing the Vision)


: Effective and comprehensive pastoral ministry with young people creates opportunities for young people to pray together but first builds skills to assist them in understanding the importance of prayer in their daily lives.

Suggested Implementation

Methods for Evaluation

Within the same calendar year as you attempt to address this concern, delegate individuals, both young and old, to ask: