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Engagement #1

We extend friendly and consistent invitations to all young people in the parish


Today, the average age of a Roman Catholic sister in the United States is 74, The New York Times reports, and in many communities, it’s well into the 80s. Ordained Catholic priests are a bit younger, with an average age of 63 -- but that’s up from 35 in 1970, and rising fast. Mainline Protestants such as the United Methodist Church are facing their own challenges, experiencing drops in vocations that keep pastors working longer into their later years.

But if the church is at the terminal end of the age spectrum, Silicon Valley, one of the most vibrant economic centers in our country, is at the other. At Facebook, the median employee age is 28, the Times reports, while at Google it’s 29 and at AOL, 30. As Katie Bardaro, the lead economist at PayScale, told the Times, “The firms that are growing or innovating around new areas tend to have younger workers. Older companies that aren’t changing with the times get older workers.” She could have been talking about the church. Apparently, like attracts like; vitality attracts vitality. (Make Room For Young People by Michael O'Loughlin)


Effective and comprehensive pastoral ministry with young people calls for friendly and consistent invitations to be offered to all young people in the parish.

Suggested Implementation

Methods for Evaluation

Within the same calendar year as you attempt to address this concern, delegate individuals, both young and old, to ask: