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Here are all indicators in the Engagement category. To order the poster and/or the accompanying handbook, please use the form to the side. For each indicator, these pages outline the following information.

  1. We extend friendly and consistent invitations to all young people in the parish

  2. We assist our young people in understanding their role in the wider faith community

  3. We encourage young people to see the parish as a place of opportunity for service, ministry, and education

  4. We invite young people to be connected to the diocesan church

  5. We celebrate milestones in the lives of young people

  6. We create and maintain intentional pathways that foster inclusive dialogue and opportunity for partnerships between parishes and and schools

  7. We give care to minister appropriately to those from different cultures

  8. We encourage young people's participation in all our parish’s liturgies, being careful not to relegate them to a separate celebration

  9. We give young people skills and opportunities to pray together

  10. We understand that adult leaders are conduits to ministry opportunities for young people, not gatekeepers