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Here are all indicators in the Discipleship category. To order the poster and/or the accompanying handbook, please use the form to the side. For each indicator, these pages outline the following information.

  1. We empower young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ

  2. We place evangelization and catechesis at the heart of our ministry to, with, and for young people

  3. We ensure that confirmation preparation is just one of many catechetical opportunities for young people

  4. We extend catechesis with young people beyond the classroom, Mass, and sacramental preparation

  5. We view everything young people are a part of through the lens of evangelization

  6. We value the importance of retreats for all young people, not just those in confirmation

  7. We offer pilgrimages and service opportunities to young people so they can grow spiritually and in community

  8. We encourage young people to look at the ways in which God may be calling them to serve His Church

  9. We invite young people into opportunities to serve others and invite them to reflect theologically about these opportunities

  10. We offer opportunities for young people to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation on a regular basis