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Advocacy #6

We recognize that all parishioners have an essential role to play in pastoral ministry with young people


The challenge of being transformed into a holy person is not undertaken alone but within a faith community… The longing for community touches each of us at the very core of our being.  It is basic to being human. (Sons and Daughter of the Light: A Pastoral Pan for Ministry with Young Adults Washington, DC. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 1997, pp. 19-20)


Effective and comprehensive pastoral ministry with young people calls for the investment of time, as well as prayer and attention, in order to strengthen a parish’s “web of relationships” – youth with youth, youth with adults, ministry leaders with parents, parish community with parish staff and leadership, and so on.

Suggested Implementation

Methods for Evaluation

Within the same calendar year as you attempt to address this concern, delegate individuals, both young and old, to ask: