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Here are all indicators in the Advocacy category. To order the poster and/or the accompanying handbook, please click here. For each indicator, these pages outline the following information.

  1. We advocate for and on behalf of young people.

  2. We do not wait until young people are in middle school to invite them to be involved in parish life

  3. We ask young people to speak for their own needs and advocate for their peers

  4. We regularly assess the needs of young people and allow the vision we articulate for ministry to be shaped by those needs

  5. We understand that effective ministry requires a team

  6. We recognize that all parishioners have an essential role to play in pastoral ministry with young people

  7. We respond to the pastoral needs of young people.

  8. We understand that young people are our partners in faith because they are baptized, not because they register or show up

  9. We avoid words like “kickoff”, “event”, “youth group”, or “membership”

  10. We welcome all young people, regardless of how they identify themselves, as Children of God