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Social Justice for Dummies

This article, from "U.S. Catholic," breaks down what social justice is, and how it differs from acts of charity.

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Endorsed by the Pope, the YOUCAT is a great resource to assist one in passing on the truth of what the Church believes and teaches. Created for the young person in mind, the YOUCAT provides an accessible means to pass on the Catholic faith to highschoolers. The YOUCAT, and other publications that can be utilized in conjuction with the YOUCAT, can be found on the YOUCAT foundation site (link below). 


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Ministering to Young Adults

By connecting with dioceses and Catholic youth and young adult ministry organizations across the United States, the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) offers a network of resources and information that can foster growth in the Church's outreach and ministry with youth and young adults.

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CRS University

CRS University connects college and university communities to the work and mission of CRS around the world, which is to promote human development and global solidarity.  Some of the main areas in which CRS works are: emergency response, hunger and agriculture, global health, water, human trafficking, migration, HIV and AIDS, and education

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Ministries to the Divorced and Remarried

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, through its National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage, has worked to explain church teaching on divorce in the hope of correcting misunderstandings and keeping people connected with the church. Read a recent article posted by Catholic News Service. Find more information online visit

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Cybertheology: Thinking Christianity in the Era of the Internet

In this recently translated book, Father Antonio Spadaro, SJ, suggests that since the Internet has changed, and is changing, the ways in which we think and act, it must also be changing the ways in which we think Christianity and its theology. To develop this theme, he uses the term “Cybertheology.” Father Spadaro, the editor of La Civiltà Cattolica, is known for interviewing Pope Francis. Learn more, or buy a copy of the book at

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How Can a Young Adult Serve the Church and Avoid Being a “Little Old Church Lady”?

Actively serving the Church can sometimes fall into the category of being a "Little Old Church Lady" So how does a young person begin or continue to participate and serve the Church without becoming or being seen as a "Little Old Church Lady?" Explore this article in which Busted Halo answers this question.

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