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Expand Your Religious Recognition Program with God Is Love

NFCYM is proud to announce the newest religious recognition program for grades K-1! The God Is Love recognition is designed to provide a wonderful complement to religious formation in the home, parish, Catholic school, and troop. The God Is Love workbook and prayer card—sold as a single card or set of 25—are now available from the NFCYM online store. (A medal and patch also accompany this award. They will be available this fall.) NFCYM staff thank all who had a role in the development of this book.

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Scouting as Youth Ministry

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has just published a great resource, including a guide and a downloadable PDF, on transforming scouting into youth ministry. You can view the guide here and download the printable PDF here.

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Diocesan Information on Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts invites young ladies to join in one of the many opportunities they provide. There are also several ways adults can be involved. To locate the counsel closest to you or for more information, please contact Joan Przywara, Chair of the Girl Scouts Committee for the Diocese of Wilmington.

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