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Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a great icebreaker and a wonderful way to get to know individuals. 

How to Play

- Each person will get a chance to participate. 

- When it is your turn relay three statements to the group, two must be true and one is a lie. (Avoid telling both truths first and then the lie because this can make it too easy, especially if you can't think of a lie. It becomes obvious when you have to pause too long debating what to lie about.)

- The group gets an opportunity to guess which statement is the lie.

- Once everyone guesses the individual reveals which one is a lie.

- Go around the room until everyone gets a chance to participate.

- The goal is to trick people so if you want you can make it a competition and keep track of how many people you fooled or how many you guessed right.

You will be amazed by the truths that are revealed and the interesting facts that you discover. This is a wonderful way to spark conversations and discover shared interests.

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Project YM’s Free PowerPoint Game

Here's Project YM's Most Popular PowerPoint Game

Use it with high schoolers, adult leaders, middle schoolers, parish staff, parents or anyone else who likes to laugh!
The game works right out of the box wherever you'd normally stick a game, but here's how I use it:

As a small group conversation starter.  If your students are like most teenagers, there not always eager to talk or share when you throw them into a new small group.  Using this game is a great way to get them talking.  Play each round and let the group leaders facilitate the "What's Next?" portion of the round within their own groups.

View Download the Game

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Games for the Ride

Going to camp? A concert? A mission trip? Sometimes youth ministry events involve long car rides. Click below to see some of our favorite games for passing the time.

Download Games for the Ride

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