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Endorsed by the Pope, the YOUCAT is a great resource to assist one in passing on the truth of what the Church believes and teaches. Created for the young person in mind, the YOUCAT provides an accessible means to pass on the Catholic faith to highschoolers. The YOUCAT, and other publications that can be utilized in conjuction with the YOUCAT, can be found on the YOUCAT foundation site (link below). 


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Strong Catholic Family Faith

From the Dioceses of Jefferson City, San Jose, and St. Petersburg comes Strong Catholic Family, faith, which posts resources, news, and opportunities for sharing your Catholic faith with your family.

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Concussion Resources for Parents

Concussions seem to be on the rise in youth sports. To help parents be prepared, CYM offers tips on symptoms and treatments.

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Is Your Team Using This Prayer?

This prayer, written by CYM staff and promulgated by the late Bishop Saltarelli, should be prayed by coaches, parents, and young people before games and practices.

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Ten Ways to Encourage Good Sportsmanship

Playing sports this year? Try some of these tactics off the court to make for a better experience on the court.

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