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Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz does an excelent job revealing our faith in a loving and joyful manner. These 5 - 10 minute videos cover many topics and are a great way to spark conversation with your youth. 

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Amplified: 7 Weeks of Living Out Loud by Mathias Michael

Mathias want to personally invite you to journey with him for 7 weeks as you explore the stories, scriptures, prayers, and reflections that inspired the songs on his "Amplified" album. His hope is that this devotional helps take your prayer life to the next level and encourages you to pursue a more personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

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Youth Ministry Access

Youth Ministry Access utilizes three movements to prepare young people for the sacrament of Confirmation: Encounter with Christ, Formation in Discipleship, and Equipped to Respond.  In your subscription, you gain access to retreats, service projects, gathered youth sessions, and more. For more information and to subscribe please visit the Youth Ministry Access webpage.

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Family As Domestic Church

Family As Domestic Church


In the Catholic tradition, the family holds a special place - especially in the formation of faith. So important, in fact, that it is called "the domestic church." This video invites parents to reflect on being the church in the world and what that might look like within their family. Use the reflection questions at the end with a group of parents to share and discuss. This video is funded by the ACTA Foundation and is part of the Strong Catholic Family National Initiative (

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Is Your Team Using This Prayer?

This prayer, written by CYM staff and promulgated by the late Bishop Saltarelli, should be prayed by coaches, parents, and young people before games and practices.

Download Sportsmanship Prayer

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Quick Tips

Ten Prayers to Learn

Try learning these prayers during the Year of Faith.

Prayer for the New Evangelization

Renew and strengthen your faith. Google this prayer, bookmark it, and pray it!

The Angel Prayers

Children learn to invoke their guardian angel and adults pray for protection by St. Michael.

Acts of Contrition, Faith, Hope, and Love

Look in the Compendium of the Catechism or ask a good Catholic over 40.

The Memorare

Another powerful Marian prayer, it reminds God's people that Mary is our mother and intercessor.

Canticle of Zachariah

Also in Luke (1:68-79), this is a vivid testament of faith from one experiencing God's goodness.

The Magnificat

The Canticle of Mary in the Gospel of Luke (1:46-55) gives a glimpse of the faith of one who trusts.

The Hail Mary

Mary will always assist Christians and bring them to her son.

The Glory Be

This doxology beautifully captures the essence of our faith in an eternal, triune God.

The Lord’s Prayer

Like the Creed, the Our Father is so central to the faith that it's said at every Mass.

The Nicene Creed

This year is about returning to the foundation. This prayer articulates our foundation best.

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