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Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz does an excelent job revealing our faith in a loving and joyful manner. These 5 - 10 minute videos cover many topics and are a great way to spark conversation with your youth. 

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Catholic Bible Study For a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth

The following resource will assist one in organizing, and running, a Bible study. It provides background information about the Bible, how-to guides that teach you skills, and Catholic Bible study guides. The study of Sacred Scripture is a valuable way to deepen our knowledge and understanding of our faith. Organizing, and running, a Bible study is a great way to fellowship, and build relationships, with others through a spiritually enriching activity. 

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Understanding the Bible

The United Sates Conference of Catholic Bishops offers numerous resources for Catholics to enrich their journey with Christ. One means in which to grow deeper in the Lord is through the reading, and study of the Bible. The ten points offered by the USCCB is a great starting off point for anyone wanting to develop and begin a Bible study.    

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Endorsed by the Pope, the YOUCAT is a great resource to assist one in passing on the truth of what the Church believes and teaches. Created for the young person in mind, the YOUCAT provides an accessible means to pass on the Catholic faith to highschoolers. The YOUCAT, and other publications that can be utilized in conjuction with the YOUCAT, can be found on the YOUCAT foundation site (link below). 


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All for God

All for God, a website that provides youth ministry resources, has great preconstructed youth sessions on numerous different topics. Along with these sessions, this site also offers other resources and fundraising ideas. Take a look, adapt them, and utilize them with your youth.


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New Evangelization

The Catholic Apostolate Center has valuable information on the New Evangelization. For more information and numerous resources on the New Evangelization visit their website here.

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Confession Resources

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has numerous resources that can be useful in relaying the value and importance of attending Confession. Many times fear, trepidation, and anxiety prevents us from experiencing this wonderful Sacrament and the healing that it provides. Take a moment to visit their webpage at,  you will find numerous articles and other material that I know will be useful when speaking about this Sacrament. Additionally there are a few documents below that I believe you might find useful. These can be printed and use to spark small group discussions. 

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Youth Ministry Access

Youth Ministry Access utilizes three movements to prepare young people for the sacrament of Confirmation: Encounter with Christ, Formation in Discipleship, and Equipped to Respond.  In your subscription, you gain access to retreats, service projects, gathered youth sessions, and more. For more information and to subscribe please visit the Youth Ministry Access webpage.

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Family As Domestic Church

Family As Domestic Church


In the Catholic tradition, the family holds a special place - especially in the formation of faith. So important, in fact, that it is called "the domestic church." This video invites parents to reflect on being the church in the world and what that might look like within their family. Use the reflection questions at the end with a group of parents to share and discuss. This video is funded by the ACTA Foundation and is part of the Strong Catholic Family National Initiative (

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Care for Creation, Care for the Poor

Being good stewards of all that we have received from the Lord—individual gifts and talents as well as the earth and its resources—is a fundamental Catholic value. As a Catholic community, we have been challenged by the U.S. Catholic Bishops to embrace three core principles: prudence, poverty, and the common good in relationship to the ongoing concern of climate change. This resource challenges young people and adults alike to connect their actions to the well being of others, especially the poor.

This planning guide provides tools for teaching the young church that care for creation is also care for the poor. The guide provides a practical small-group planning and training process resulting in a parish/school-wide learning experience that focuses on climate change and the role of Catholics to care for all of creation. Purchase the book through the NFCYM online store.

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Video Resources

Recent winners of a Telly award for their movie, Palm Sunday, NFCYM collaborating members Spirit Juice Studios and outside da box offer many videos for youth ministry, many of which may be used as prayer resources. Visit their websites to find free and paid resources.

View the award-winning movie

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Empowering Disciples: A Work in Progress

The complete document - all ten sections - of Empowering Disciples: A Work in Progress is now online. This wiki site is itself a work in progress and plans are underway to make the document more in keeping with this new site. In the meantime, you can find the policies and guidelines for ministry, FSGC commentary, and an explanation of forms used in ministry. 

The sections are down one side and the sub-sections are listed alphabetically, the only way wikispaces will let you create a table of contents. Its not perfect, but its updated and its online. Policies, as always, are in red. 

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