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Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz does an excelent job revealing our faith in a loving and joyful manner. These 5 - 10 minute videos cover many topics and are a great way to spark conversation with your youth. 

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New Evangelization

The Catholic Apostolate Center has valuable information on the New Evangelization. For more information and numerous resources on the New Evangelization visit their website here.

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Confession Resources

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has numerous resources that can be useful in relaying the value and importance of attending Confession. Many times fear, trepidation, and anxiety prevents us from experiencing this wonderful Sacrament and the healing that it provides. Take a moment to visit their webpage at,  you will find numerous articles and other material that I know will be useful when speaking about this Sacrament. Additionally there are a few documents below that I believe you might find useful. These can be printed and use to spark small group discussions. 

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Learn, Love, Live Padre Pio

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National Center for Padre Pio

Just about a hour and twenty minutes from Wilmington, DE situated in Barto, PA is the National Center for Padre Pio. Recognized by the Holy See for its spiritual work this is a great place to pilgrimage or for a retreat. This center to Padre Pio has touched and moved many who have visited it and there is numerous testimonies about the wonderful healing nature of this holy place. To learn more about the history of the National Center for Padre Pio and what it may offer you and those you serve visit their website by clicking here.

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