September 11th Prayer

Please take a moment to remember those people who lost their lives and those families who were affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

So we pray:

O God, our hope and our refuge, in our distress we come quickly to you. Shock and horror of that tragic day have subsided, replaced now with emptiness, and a longing for an innocence lost. We remember those who lost their lives in New York, Washington D.C., And Pennsylvania.

We are mindful of the sacrifice of our police, fireman, and all rescue workers, who demonstrated that day, the greatest love of all by laying down their lives for others. We commit their souls to your eternal care and celebrate the gift of their lives. We remember them and hope not in ourselves, but in you, resolving that justice not revenge, prevail in our world.

Let us resolve that in the face of hatred, we will show love. That in times of despair, we will be voices of hope and creators of new dreams. That in times of darkness we will be sources of light. Let us resolve that we never regard forgiveness as weakness, but rather as a source of strength in our lives and in our world. And let us honor the memory of the 3000 individuals who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

With your help Lord Jesus, may we truly live this way so you may be glorified and your love made known to others through us.