Are You Receiving “Bring It Home” Yet?

Published each Thursday, Bring It Home focuses on the role of parents as the "first teachers in the ways of faith" by connecting the readings we hear in Mass with day-to-day family life. Each newsletter will feature an easy-to-follow tip to enrich the family's home life and heed the week's Scriptures. You can sign up to receive Bring It Home by clicking here.

To request postcards you can distribute to your parents, please click here. Postcards include an explanation and instructions for signing up. To download your own and print it at your parish or school, use the link below.

The Beloit Mindset List: 55 Things That Have Always Been True for the Class of 2018

Incoming college freshmen were generally born in the year 1996. They have never known a time without cloning, female NBA referees, or a unified Bosnia-Herzegovina. Published every year, the Beloit Mindset List provides light-hearted, humorous commentary on the way incoming college freshmen perceive the world. Although it began as a way for Beloit College faculty to avoid dated references and stay in touch with students, the Beloit College Mindset List now sheds light on the way each new generation views subjects such as politics, pop culture, and science. You can view the list here.

Resources for Difficult Days

USCCB on Immigration

In recent weeks the media has highlighted the plight of thousands of migrating children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has spoken out on this issue and is advocating on behalf of increased protections for migrant children and their families who are arriving in the United States. Bishop Mark Seitz has written a useful overview of the policy position taken by the bishops on this issue. The USCCB is also providing a number of free downloadable resources including the Unaccompanied Migrant Children Resource Kit. Let’s work to better educate others on this difficult and complex crisis.

Learn more here.


Understanding Depression

19 year-old Kevin Breel is both a comedian and a young man dealing with depression. During his Ted Talk, Kevin explains what it is like living with depression and the stigma that exists against depression and mental illness in the world.

View Kevin's Ted Talk here.


Talking to Children About the News

Develop strategies for discussing today's headlines – from mass shootings, natural disasters and war.  Learn how to calm kids' fears, stimulate their minds, and encourage them to think about their place in today's world. Visit for more information.

Host the Pilgrimage Cross

Parishes and schools are encouraged to have young people carry the cross into parish or school liturgies as a witness to our responsibility to share this symbol of Christ’s love. You may also wish to have the cross present during retreats as a part of prayer space, to use it as part of a prepared prayer service, or to be creative and think of your own ways to utilize the cross in your ministry. Remember that it is a diocesan cross, so in time, thousands of young people will have carried it, prayed before it, and been inspired by it.

Use the Hosting the Cross resource to plan your experience with the cross and to answer any questions you might have. Use the Resource Packet for suggested prayers and activities.

To request the Cross, use this form.

To see where the Cross is around the diocese, visit this page.

Coaches: Deadline Nears for Coaches Training

Coaches Training

Online Coaches Training is an eight-part, video-based program that is required for all who plan to serve as a CYM coach (head or assistant) in the 2014-2015 program. Current coaches have until December 31, 2014 to become compliant.

Completing all eight courses (in order) is necessary can be done on any device (smart phone, tablet, or computer). CYM will receive notification of your score and the date and time of completion for each session (just in case you are tempted to skip ahead). Once all eight sessions are complete, CYM staff will update your "coaches training expiration date" in the online registration system.

A 5-10 question randomized quiz occurs after each session. The entire online learning experience will take approximately one hour.

This online learning replaces the traditional face-to-face gatherings in an effort to ease the challenges coaches face. We know that many of you work full time jobs and all of you volunteer their time to support CYM. We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you make for our young church and the time you spend in this training, which, we hope, will help you to serve our young people more effectively.

Happy learning!

P.S. You will need an additional user name and password for this training. Until all our sites are linked (est. May 2015), you will need a separate user name and password for online sports registration and this online training site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Get started here.

New Ways to Support CYM

CYM is dedicated to helping young people live by the teachings of Jesus Christ, participate in their communities, and foster spiritual growth through their lives. While CYM receives some funding from the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, the majority of our revenue comes from programming (event registration) and generous individuals like you! Now there are new ways you can support CYM.

Check out the Supporting CYM page to see how you can donate through United Way, make a regular contribution via PayPal, suppor the 2014 Golf Outing, or even shop at Amazon and support the work of Catholic Youth and Young Adult MInistry.

Visit the Supporting CYM page today.