YMA: It’s Renewal Time


Youth Ministry Access is CMD’s subscription website for youth ministry leaders in parishes, schools, and youth-serving organizations. Each year Youth Ministry Access provides you and your community with over 70 gathered programs and non-gathered strategies to connect with families, the parish, and the wider community. Subscribing through CYM saves you 20%, so act today.

For more information and to read more about YMA, click here.

To Renew

Subscribing through CYM means that CYM pays the bill and you pay CYM, saving 20%. Instead of paying $225/year for high school and middle school, you only pay $180/year.

To renew and avoid a delay in your subsription, please submit your check to CYM no later than December 1, 2013. All parishes and schools that subscribe through CYM renew at the same time, so you can ignore the renewal notices sent automatically from CMD.