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Since 1979, the Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies® program has educated thousands of leaders for dynamic and effective youth ministry in Catholic parishes and schools.

Specially designed for professional and volunteer leaders in parish and Catholic school ministry with young and older adolescents – youth ministers, religious educators, clergy, chaplains, campus ministers, and school teachers.

There are eight courses, four offered each year. CYM is hosting year two courses this year and any participant can start the classes at any time, in any order. 

Year Two Courses Include:

Evangelization and Catechesis develops the foundations and practices for nurturing faith growth and Catholic identity in younger and older adolescents. Participants explore a variety of ways to promote a living relationship with Jesus in the lives of adolescents, examine a contemporary approach to developing Catholic identity and Catholic practices in the lives of adolescents today, experience and analyze the “postmodern” culture, and learn creative approaches and develop skills and methods for evangelization and catechesis.

Justice and Service explores the foundations for fostering a justice and service consciousness and spirituality in youth drawn from: Scripture, Catholic social teaching, adolescent development, and contemporary catechetical principles. The course develops skills for creating integrated, action-learning models for the justice and service component of a comprehensive youth ministry.

Pastoral Care explores the principles and methods of caring for young people from various cultures and their families. The goal is two-fold: (a) it aims to promote healthy adolescent development from a pastoral care perspective and (b) to develop preventative interventions for families with adolescents.

Prayer and Worship investigates the foundational role that prayer and worship have in fostering the spiritual growth of youth. Participants develop understandings and practical skills for: (a) promoting youth participation in liturgy, (b) fostering the prayer life of youth and preparing prayer services, and (c) understanding spiritual practices that support the development of spirituality in adolescents.

To spread the word to your youth ministry team, please download the brochures below and pass them along.

Cost: The cost per two-day course is $250. CYM will pay $125 per person (for those in ministry in the Diocese of Wilmington). Team of 2, 3, or 4 members from same parish: $400 (includes one set of books; additional book sets available for purchase).

All classes are held at the CYM offices, 1626 N. Union Street, Wilmington, DE on Saturdays and Sundays. Registration information are on each flyer.

Schedule of Classes

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