FAQs: Pastoral Cross

How do I request the Pastoral Cross?

The Pastoral Cross can be requested by filling out CYM's Form J, which can be found online. If you need immediate assistance, please call CYM at 302-658-3800. Form J will still be required but the staff may be able to assist you more quickly.

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Who can use the Pastoral Cross?

Parish and school leaders who have been trained to use the Pastoral Cross may make a request in the event of a young person person's death. The cross may also be used in the event that an adult who is influential in the lives of young people (teacher, youth ministry volunteer, or coach) passes away. The person who has died should be from the parish or school community to which the person belonged.

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What is the difference between the Pastoral Cross and the Pilgrimage Cross?

The Pastoral Cross is a physical resource that was developed to help a parish community cope with the death of a young person or an adult who was influential in the lives of young people (teacher, youth ministry volunteer, etc) within a parish. It is beautiful hollow cross constructed of wood and glass sitting about 4 feet tall. Trained parish leaders can lead young people in the community through a prayer service in which prayers can be placed in the cross creating a symbol of the Resurrection in which young people are humbly reminded that Jesus is our source for all our healing and hope. The Pilgrimage Cross is a ten foot solid wood cross that has been traveling to the parishes of the diocese since 2009. Each year on Palm Saturday the Pilgrimage Cross returns to the city of Wilmington where it is carried through the streets by the young people of the diocese in a day-long Pilgrimage. Parishes and schools are encouraged to request and use the cross throughout the year.

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