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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – The new CYM Online Registration has been set up as a family household registration.  All parents/guardians and children must be listed under one household to avoid duplications in the system.  The first parent that enters the system is the Primary Profile and can add all children and other parents/guardians (Secondary Profiles)  See New Family Registration link below.  The Registration Overview link below provide a summary of the various links to assist parents, coaches, coordinators and athletic leaders. 

Download Registration Overview

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CYM League Online Registration Site Open for the 2016-2017 Program Year

The CYM league online registration for the 2016-2017 program year is now open.

If your child participated in the 2015-2016 program year, please do not create a new account. The username (email address) and password from last year must be used to update your child(ren)'s registration for the current program year. Use the forgot password link if you do not remember the password for your household account.

CYM Staff will check for duplications and delete duplications that are discovered. All parents/guardians and children must be listed under one household to avoid duplications.

New Families registering for the first time must create a household registration. Only one parent/guardian needs to create the account to register the athlete(s). Additional adults can be added to the household registration to access the registration of the athlete(s). Please click the "Create New Account" link on the log in page to begin the registration process.

Click here for returning players to log in and for new families to create a new family account.

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Athletic Association Presidents and Rosters

The AA Presidents and Rosters link below will provide assistance for AAPs to assign head coaches and approve team rosters.

Download AAP and Rosters

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FSGC Compliance Coordinators

FSGC Compliance Coordinators handout will provide helpful information for indiviudals that assist athletic leaders with monitoring coaching requirements.

Download FSGC Coordinators

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Roster Building by Head Coach

The Roster Building by Head Coach link below will provide assistance for head coaches to build team rosters.

Download Roster building by Head Coach

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New Coach Registration

The New Coach Registrion link below will provide assistance for new coaches.

Download New Coach Registration UPDATED 03 10 16

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New Family Registration

New Family Registration link below provides step by step instructions to register a family.

Download New Family Registration Instructions

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