CYM fall sports practices begin on Monday, August 15, 2016. CYM sports includes cheerleading, cross country, football, soccer, and volleyball. CYM events including games and matches will begin the first weekend after Labor Day. Now is the time to register. For more information including how to register for CYM sports please go to Please pass this information along to parents of children who may be interested in participating with the CYM athletic program.

Aug. 8, 2016

Those who suffer for the sake of the Lord will be glorified in heaven.  He hears the cry of the poor.  Psalm 69 #Lent

Mar. 23, 2016

The Lord formed you and will reward you with eternal life for you are glorious in the sight of the Lord. Is 49:1-6 #Lent

Mar. 22, 2016

There is no need to be afraid when you have faith in God. The Lord is your light and your salvation. Psalm 27 #Lent

Mar. 21, 2016

Today we reflect on the LordÍs Passion to feel the love Jesus poured out for us when He sacrificed His life on the Cross. #Lent

Mar. 20, 2016